Agencies Dealing with Wildlife Diseases

This page contains links to governmental organizations. Simply click on the one that you feel is most appropriate for your problem. If you are unsure, visit the most specific link to your region, or call a local official.

United States Wildlife AgenciesU.S. Federal Wildlife Disease Agencies

Wildlife Disease Evaluation--USDA


U.S. State Wildlife Disease Agencies

Agencies for individual states may be found under Service Providers

 Wildlife Disease Lab--Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources


International Wildlife Agencies and Non Governmental OrganizationsInternational Wildlife Agencies and Non-Government Organizations

This section contains links to governmental organizations, both within and outside of the United States,  responsible for research, mitigation or oversight of wildlife diseases within their respective countries.


International Society for Infectious Diseases


Australia Antarctic Division


Emergency Preparedness "disease"--British Columbia

Wildlife Disease--Manitoba Provincial Authority 


Wildlife Disease Reporting



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